School Building: Our Mission

Current education reform efforts have many champions: politicians, foundations, philanthropists, parents and activists.

But where are the teachers? Rarely do we hear direct engagement from the people who have the clearest view of the system’s daily realities. Educators understand the results of educational policies more completely than anyone.

School Building publishes teachers’ perspectives on the American education system. Our editors are experienced, full-time teachers. Our goals are to:

  1. Provide a public forum for teachers to share their perspectives on education policies.
  2. Provide resources for teachers to develop their understanding of of policy issues.
  3. Impact the public discourse on education through teachers’ input on the issues.

School Building is seeking submissions from teachers with at least three years of full-time classroom experience. Experience in any and all school settings are encouraged: public, private, charter, magnet, special education, urban, suburban, rural. Use your experience in the classroom to inform our readers about the policies that are impacting our schools. Please see our submission page for more details about how to get involved.

If we do not learn about our schools from the people who know them best, our country’s educational system will continue to struggle. It is time for teachers to provide their views on education in America: what is working and what must change. At School Building, teachers will give their first-hand accounts of the policies that are shaping our system.

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