School Building is seeking submissions from teachers in at least their third year of full-time classroom experience. Educators from any and all school settings are invited to contribute: public, private, charter, magnet, special education, urban, suburban, rural. Use your experience in the classroom to inform our readers about the policies that are impacting our schools.

Submission types include:

Commentary on Available Resources – 100–500 words

Links to resources that teachers find valuable. Teachers should provide commentary on the content of the resource and describe why it will provide the reader a better perspective on policy issues.

Long-Form Essays – 1000–3000 words

Long form pieces on education policy written by experienced teachers. Teachers should present a position on a specific education policy and support their discussion by reflecting on experiences within their school.

Responses to Education News – 300–1000 words

Thoughtful responses, citing a specific event or article and providing your position on it. Develop your discussion with the insight that you have gained from your first-hand experience.

Reviews on Education Books – 600–1500 words

Reviews of current books related to teaching, education or social policy. Posts will include a brief synopsis of the book and discussion of the content informed by your experiences.

Please send submissions to Include the submission type in the subject line. If you wish to post anonymously, our editors will honor such a request.

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